Guest Artist ゲスト・アーティスト

Chris Aiken (USA)

Chris Aiken has devoted his dance career to the practice, performance and teaching of dance improvisation and contact improvisation. He has collaborated extensively with Angie Hauser, Andrew Harwood, Kirstie Simson, Ray Chung, and Peter Bingham as well as with Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith. His work seeks to connect the ecological with the poetic, linking what we have come to understand through science, design, aesthetics, dance making and the study of collaboration and community building. In addition to touring internationally, Chris is an Associate Professor and MFA Director in the Department of Dance at Smith College and the Five College Dance Department.

Angie Hauser (USA)

Angie Hauser is a performance maker, choreographer and teacher. Her work is grounded in improvisation and collaboration. She is a principal collaborator with Bebe Miller Company (USA) contributing to the creation and performance of a 20-year body of work. Along with long-time collaborator Chris Aiken, she creates performance works, and workshops throughout the U.S. and internationally. She is a sought after teacher who creates classes on performance, choreography, contemporary dance technique, contact improvisation and other forms of making and sharing. Angie is an Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Dance at Smith College and the Five College Dance Department.

Bong Ho Kim (Korea)

CI Dancer, Improviser, Choreographer
He is the Member of AIAE Korea and with Celine Bacque co-directs of ET AUSSI Dance Company 2007-2013. he is active both locally and internationally; teaching dance contact improvisation in dance centers and festivals in Europe and in Asia He is particularly interested in supporting and expanding improvisation networks in Asia. He is the organizer member of the i-Dance Korea Asia Improvisation Art Exchange since 2008-2016, a biennale held in South Korea

Katarina Skar Henriksen (Norway)

Katarina Skår Lisa was born and raised close to the capital of Norway, Oslo, but she has sea Sami roots from Buorresarkú / Bergeby in Varanger, at the very north of Norway. She is a dancer and choreographer, and has, among other things, been a choreographer in Nordland Theater's production "Fuglane" by Tarjei Vesaas, directed by Bård Lie Thorbjørnsen. Her latest independent project Gift of Stone was shown at Varanger Sami Museum and at The Oslo Academy of the Arts in Oslo, spring of 2019. Here she explored the relationship between landscape, human and culture in the Varanger area. Gift of Stone relates to our intangible cultural heritage through landscape understanding, and anchors us to a place through building relationships.
Lisa's artistic practice consists of performance art, dance, choreography, sometimes photography and poetic reflectiosn that are presented in different contexts and formats. Practices such as deep listening, restorative yoga and conscious touch are also important components in the continuation and development of a work. She emphasizes interdisciplinary collaborations.

Kyuja Bae (Norway)

Kyuja Bae is an interdisciplinary artist, crossing the fields of art such as choreography, dance, performance art, theater, writing and installation. She is based in Norway originally from South Korea. She studied theater and creative writing at Nordic Black Express, Norwegian Theater Academy and Korean National University of Arts and choreography at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Her recent artistic research concerns the meditative body, combining dance with meditation to understand the flow of energy in the body and around the body, focusing on how to response to the force from outside and as well
inside. Kyuja Bae has a holistic approach to dance art, seeing dance art as a path for the spiritual practice to open up the space for self-awareness and collective consciousness. She is interested in shamanic practices, rituals and meditation.

Taiyueh Sean Chen (Taiwan)

陳代樾 Sean is a current dance research doctoral student and lecturer at Taipei National University of the Arts. His research interests include practice as research, presence in performance and somatic self-construction. Currently, his research is in the crossing zone of the Feldenkrais Method, neuron science and consciousness study. Sean is currently a member of Ku & Dancers, performed in Sadhu, Decode 2018, and i-dance Taipei. He teaches the Feldenkrais Method and contact improvisation, trying to rethink dance pedagogy from a synergetic point of view.

Chang Jean Jean (Taiwan)

Jean-Jean is currently an improvisation dancers of Ku & Dancers, and is a dancer , performer, improvisation teacher in Taiwan. She received her MFA in Dance Choreography from TNUA. Chang joined Ku & Dancers in 2008, performed in Memory Puzzles, Decode2010, Voltar, Moon Light, Wonderland in i-dance Taipei 2013 & 2017, and other outdoor improvisation dance performances. In recent years, Chang began to develop parent-child contact improvisation dance performances and courses with her daughter.

Tomohiko Tsujimoto 辻本 知彦(Tokyo)

Tomohiko Tsujimoto was born on December 10th in 1977. He had not started dancing during his childhood, but was absorbed in basketball. He started dancing and snow boarding when he was 18 years old. In 1997, he moved to the US and had been traveled around all over the world. In 2004, he joined <Noism04> as a first member which is directed by Joe Kanamori. In 2007, he was chosen for the first Japanese male dancer for Cirque du Soleil. Through 2011-2014, He traveled 27 countries and performed 485 shows for Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour”. He came back to Japan in 2014, and has been performing in different varieties of dance programs and also choreographing for music videos and movies.

【Stage】 Pink Floyd Ballet, (At Tokyo, Chor. Roland Petit) (2004)
BO.LE.RO, (At Tokyo, Japan, Prod. C/Ompany)(2016)
【Choreograph】RENT, Musical, Lead. (Dir. Erika Schmidt, Originated with Broadway)(2008)
Dr.Coppelius, Ballet, Holography (Music Isao Tomita, Dance HATSUNEMIKU)(2016)
Sia『Alive』Japan ver. MV (Dance: Tao Tsuchiya)(2016)

E.T. (music) (Taiwan)

ET , Pei-Yuan Chen Is a musician , explorer of sound universe .
Based on the flowing impromptu performance , and multicultural music tradition .
Through the vehicle of sound and vibration ,
Diving into primordial sensation , conciousness of nature , spirit , space .
Music is a language to manifest his universe .
He received Bachelor's degree of Communications Design from Shih Chien University.
Afterward , ET shifted his passion to the realm of music , which is related ethnic , aboriginal , shamanic and ritual music tradition around the world .
During past ten years , he has been traveling to remote and isolated countrys to do his research and fieldwork .
Trying to capture inspiration and timeless beauty from the ancient music tradition ,
In order to recreate sacred music in contemporary context .
Developing borderless musical language which can connect human , nature and universe in harmony .

Naomi Minomo 蓑茂尚美 (music) (Kagoshima)

鹿児島を拠点に活動するピアノ講師。「音楽はコミュニケーションツール」が信条。夫、息子との音楽グループ[Mi-no]ではピアノ、ボーカル、作詞作曲を担当。2016年よりコンタクトインプロビゼーショングループCIcoとの即興パフォーマンスを始める。乳児と保護者のためのパフォーマンス「くるんころん」、霧島アートの森や都城市民文化ホールを始め、各地で瑞々しく優美な音と声で観客を魅了している。2018年、韓国ソウルでの i-Dance koreaに招聘される。完全即興、完全生音の1stアルバム「Music with Dance」をリリース。

Supporting Artists サポーティング・アーティスト

Hanano Teshirogi 手代木花野(Tokyo 東京)

Hanano Teshirogi studied C.I. at "CIco" from 2008 to 2011.She founded "CI-bu", a Dance Company based on the C.I.

Maho Shimada 島田真帆 (Nagoya 名古屋)

Maho is interested in how we can all co-exist joyfully. Maho was deeply inspired by the moment to moment co-explorational approaches in CI when she first worked with in ’09. She traveled the world and researched with many dancers, especially influenced by Chris Lechner, Yaniv Mintzer, Pilar Echavarria, Daniel Werner and Chico Katsube.
Maho co-founded CI Aichi in ’14, runs “Lab & Jam” and WS in Nagoya, organizes and facilitates CI Camps / Retreats in nature. She likes swimming with wild dolphins. She is a practitioner of Yoga, Meditation, Advaita and Aguahara & Water Dance - the art of movement in water.

Tomomi Tamagawa 玉川智美(Kagoshima 鹿児島)

平成30年度 公益財団法人鹿児島県文化復興財団登録アーティスト

Madoka Nakajima 中嶋まどか (旅人traveler)

During travel to improvise vegan food and sweets through the atomosphere and the enegy from the earth.
Live in harmony of nature Dance with the space light water and sometime with human beings.

For me,every moment is beautiful dance.
Every moment is contact improvisation.....

Fumiko Kobayashi 小林ふみ子(Okayama 岡山)

Wataru Murakami 村上渉(Osaka 大阪)

I started dancing the way i like since I was little. I studied street dance since I was a high school student, and studied contemporary dance, Butoh, Tai Chi, Meditation, Japanese Tranditional dance from there as play. Learning, do not Learning, Getting, Releasing, Drifting days. I have a memory like a goldfish.


Chico Katsube 勝部ちこ (Kagoshima 鹿児島)

Chico Katsube is a dance improviser, a teacher and representatives of from Osaka, Japan. She received her B.Ed. and M.A. degrees in 1989 at the Dance Education Division of Ochanomizu University in Tokyo, where she studied Modern Dance and Choreography. From 1990-94, she studied and danced in New York City as a company member with many talented choreographers such as Joy Kellman and Ruby Shang. She has also developed her own style of choreography and performance.
After coming back to Japan, she began her foray into contact improvisation under the influence of Nancy Stark Smith who visited Japan and taught the workshops in 1997. In 2000, Chico founded “Contact Improvisation Group” as a forum for Contact Improvisation in Tokyo. Since then, she has been a leading figure in teaching, organizing and performing contact improvisation in Tokyo and throughout Japan. As the founder of, she has danced and organized project with Ray Chung, Daniel Lepkov, Natanja den Boeft, Michael Schumacher, Katie Duck and Shoko Kashima among other talented improvisation artists.

She has also participated and taught workshops in many international festivals, such as Israel Contact Improvisation Festival, the Magpie Collective Workshop, Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement, i- dance Taipei, i-Dance Hong Kong and AIAE in South Korea.

In 2012, she moved her base and from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Shoko Kashima. They started the activity with the focus on exploring and integrating Asian culture into improvisation, as well as to establish the art community in the countryside of Kagoshima. They became the organize member of “I-Dance”which is the Asian Contact Improvisation network with HongKong, Taipei, Seoul since 2011, and is organizing i-Dance Japan from 2013.

Shoko Kashima 鹿島聖子 (Kagoshima 鹿児島)

Shoko Kashima is a dancer, improviser, photographer and teacher based in Kagoshima. She received her Master of Arts in Dance Education from Ochanomizu University in Tokyo. In 2000 she created the partnership “Duo unit” with Ryoko Sugimoto, while also being awarded a one year scholarship from the Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists to study dance in New York. As a dancer, she collaborated with Michael Schumacher, Katie Dack, Ray Chung, Natanja den Boeft and other many artists. After returning to Japan, Shoko began working with Chico Katsube as a member - and co-director - of Contact Improvisation Group CIco. In 2006, She founded the CIFJ (Contact Improvisation Festival Japan) with Chico and continues to organize and create the international CI festival to exchange culture, people, essence of CI in Tokyo and some regions in Japan. She has been teaching CI at kindergartens, elementary schools, universities, public theaters and museums. She is a seed member of Asian Improvisation Art Exchange (Seoul, Korea), creating networks and researching improvisation among artists in Asia.
She is fabulously known as a photographer, and has a good feeling for taking dance pictures.
In 2012, she moved from Tokyo to Kagoshima with Chico Katsube, and started activities of cultivate arts community in sparsely populated area. She organized “i-Dance Japan” which is International Contact Improvisation Festival in Kagoshima from 2013.
Shoko and Chico presented for TEDxKagoshima, Pecha Kucha Kagoshima, and showed up on TV programs, radio programs as an artists who are doing interesting activities in country side.

Tomomi Takaichi 高市知美 (Kagoshima 鹿児島)

From Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture.
I moved to Isa city with i dance japan2017 joined.
While enjoying Isa city with contact improvisation eye.
First term of Isa city Local Vitalization Cooperator.

主催・・i-Dance Japan実行委員会
パートナー・・i-dance Taipei iDance Hong Kong i-Dance Korea