Post Festival


*We may add or change the schedule, please check it sometimes.
  Mon, October 16 Tue, 17 Wed, 18 Thu,19



  Body work / worm up   7:30 - 8:30
Breakfast  8:30 - 10:00

10:00 - 11:45
workshop ①
10:00 - 11:45
workshop ②

Clean up

 Farewell  12:00
  Lunch  11:45 - 13:45  
Arriving  14:00


13:45 - 15:30
Michael Schumacher
Workshop A

15:50 - 17:30
Michael Schumacher
Workshop B

13:45 - 15:30
Michael Schumacher
Workshop C  

15:50 - 17:30
Discover ISA workshop

  Hot spring, supper, bath, lab, jam etc  17:30 - 22:00  

Improvisation workshop

Michael Schumacher
13:45 - 15:30, October 11-12

Improvisation and Instant Composition

The aim of this workshop is to develop conscious presence while improvising in a performance.Each session begins with exercises that explore relationships between thought, movement and presence in the immediate environment. By promoting a greater awareness of sensory input, the performer becomes better equipped to interact with their internal and external impulses.
The session continues with examples of both fixed and open structures in which the participants improvise with such elements as dance, music, text, and light. Through practice and theory, participants explore a process by which they collectively experience spontaneously created compositions. workshop

Chico Katsube Shoko Kashima
October 9 ①, 10 ②③④

Dancing like learning language

This workshop start from basic physical exercise, approaching to bring out fun of contact improvisation sensuously. Phased and comprehensive opprtunity

Discover ISA workshop

Teachers are undecided yet
15:30 - , October 18

various activities, leading by local people

Simple woodworking was very popular among the paritipants the last time.
Walking in the forest, , making buckwheat vermicelli, voice work, etc.

Morning activities

Leaders are volunteers
7:30 - 8:30 October 9-14  

Bodywork, yoga, warm up, walking in the forest etc.

Let's try to get up early! You might have good thing. Let's get fresh air and let your cells wake up. Use morning time lovely for meditation, yoga, bodywork, warm up, and walking etc.



16:00~, October 8, and free time, after dinner etc.

Jam is the best part of contact improvisation

Jam is the time to share the space and dance with other people or alone freely , also playing music for the space.


Healthy foods from local

Local foods supporters are making good meals for you. Actually, i-Dance Japan is famous for good foods. If you are interetes in making meals, please help and exchange with local people.


Goemon bath

Old Japanese style bath

There are three Goemon baths at the venue.
It is very simple and old style bath, making fire with firewoods.
Just submerge in the hot water thinking about old days.
Please experience to make fire with firewoods.

*The cottages have bath and shower.
*There are hot springs in Isa city. You can go there by car, if you like.



◉Fees and Registration

Full participation  October 16-19   ¥30,000

    • Including・・・ workshops, jams, accommodation, foods, insurance

    • not including・・・The fee for the hot springs which are out side of the venue.

Part participation

    • Workshop・・・・¥2,500 / 1WS
    • Jam・・・・・・・¥1,000
    • Accommodation・ ¥5,000 / one night, three meals

    • *The rooms are limited, we accept the registration first come, first served.


Write about the below and send us email, please. →

Title [ Registration for the post festival ]

    • • Your name, sex
    • • contact(emailadress, sns etc, phone number)
    • • Residence or where are you come from.
    • • The type of application, full or part.

    • Basically, we will reply within 5days. If you do not get a response from us, please let us know. Then, please pay the full amount through paypal. If you can not pay through paypal. please ask us. We propose another option.
    • Contact Contact Improvisation Group
    •   +81-90-3910-6716

【Cancel policy】

    • ©HananoNo charge until 1 month before the event but hundring fee
    • After 1 month before the event. → 20%
    • We can not return money after the event start.
    • If you have a change, plase let us know as soon as possible.

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パートナー・・i-dance Taipei iDance Hong Kong i-Dance Korea



Illust:Hanano Teshirogi, Shoko Kashima