Morning activities

Leaders are volunteers
7:30 - 8:30 October 14-19 (Naomi leads voice work on 18th.) 

Bodywork, yoga, warm up, walking in the forest etc.

Let's try to get up early! You might have good thing. Let's get fresh air and let your cells wake up. Use morning time lovely for meditation, yoga, bodywork, warm up, and walking etc.


Improvisation Performance by Guest Artists
[ Dance × Music × Light ]

venue:Isa city cultual hall

October 14, start 15:00

Improvisation performance by vorious guest artists from many places.

All of dancers, musicians and lighting designers improvise to create art work.
Let's enjoy the chemical reaction of bodies and minds.

Dance:Chris Aiken(USA), Angie Hauser(USA), Bong ho Kim(Korea)
    Katarina Skår Lisa (Norway), Kyuja Bae (Norway/Korea)
    Taiyueh Sean Chen (Taiwan), Chang Jean Jean (Taiwan)
    Tomohiko Tsujimoto(Tokyo), Yoko Tani(Kagoshima) and more

Music:Naomi Minomo(Kagoshima), E.T.(Taiwan)

Light:Asako Miura(Tokyo/Osaka), Tomoko Morita(Kyoto)


Intensive workshop

Chris Aiken & Angie Hauser (USA )
10:00 - 11:45 October 16-18

The Unrepeatable Moment

Where am I when I am dancing? Who and what am I in dialogue with? How do I make creative and sensitive choices in relation to myself, others and my surroundings? This workshop is for those who wish to immerse themselves in the practice of learning, making and exploring improvisational dance and contact improvisation. Drawing on our many years of performing and teaching, we will offer specific compositional and technical exercises that are designed to support embodied dancing, witnessing, compositional awareness and choice making. We will consider how action, perception and imagination are at play as we explore our poetic sensibilities through movement and touch.


Workshops by guest artist

October 13 - 18
All of guest artists lead a workshop for one each.



16:00~, October 13, and free time, after dinner etc.

Jam is the best part of contact improvisation

Jam is the time to share the space and dance with other people or alone freely , also playing music for the space.

Studio showing

Evening, October 18 Admission free 

Casual performances. Short time for each person or group. Any participants or guest artists who want to perform can perform.

Anybody can come and watch.


Healthy foods from local

Local foods supporters are making good meals for you. Actually, i-Dance Japan is famous for good foods. If you are interetes in making meals, please help and exchange with local people.


Goemon bath

Old Japanese style bath

There are three Goemon baths at the venue.
It is very simple and old style bath, making fire with firewoods.
Just submerge in the hot water thinking about old days.
Please experience to make fire with firewoods.

*The cottages have bath and shower.
*There are hot springs in Isa city. You can go there by car, if you like.



Professional lab

October 11-13, Not public subscription

Before the festival start, guest artists, musicians, and supporting artists have proffesional lab for three days. They share and resaech works, think about the performance, exchange there.
This is the time to meet and know each other, improve of thier own.

主催・・Contact Improvisation Group
パートナー・・i-dance Taipei iDance Hong Kong i-Dance Korea



Illust:Hanano Teshirogi, Shoko Kashima